CoMMaND Lab zoo trip!

Author: Maria Holland

2022 07 28 Picture Frame Pic

To celebrate our recent CAREER award and get inspired to study mammalian brains, we took a trip to the Potawatomi Zoo.  We were able to see two species from our recently-submitted paper (white-faced saki and colobus) as well as the ring-tailed lemur, which undergraduate summer researcher Lydia Csaszar is currently working on!   

CoMMaND Lab with the colobus monkey (long, elegant tail pictured)
2022 07 28 Primate Group

Lorcan, Lydia, and Nagehan (the main primate brain researchers)

Lydia and Lorcan, our visiting summer undergrad researchers
2022 07 28 Lydia Lemur
Lydia with the ring-tailed lemur, the species she's currently working on